Division of Curriculum Development

Course Description

The Division promotes research in education content theory and development in the interests of improving the quality of school education. We are also committed to training skilled teacher leaders in elementary, junior high, and high schools with a high level of knowledge in their subject matter; and training experts in the field and in basic research, as well as instructors of teacher training programs (including in-service teacher training). A special concern is the integration of academic research and fieldwork in science, mathematics, language, humanities and social sciences education, as well as in art education and physical education.



Professor (Mathematics and Science Education)
Faculty member of the Division of Educational Psychology

I am interested in the processes by which children understand mathematical and (natural and social) scientific concepts, and also in planning lessons that encourage those processes. I use an educational psychology approach to conduct research in collaboration with elementary, junior high and high school teachers using individual experiments, interviews, written questionnaires, and analysis of remarks made by students during lessons and of worksheets. I plan to integrate psychological research such as, cognitive development research, and learning-and-instruction research from the viewpoint of the changes that occur in children through the learning processes.

  • “Psychology of mathematical and scientific literacy — How do children improve their learning —” (Yuhikaku)
  • “Developmental psychology—How individuals grow up through interaction with other people—“(ed.) (Minerva Shobo)


Professor (Humanities and Social Sciences Education)
Faculty member of the Division of Educational Practices and Policies

I have been conducting researches on education policy in developing countries, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. In recent years, I have been mainly focusing on Cambodia and currently conducting several research projects, including a student tracer study in basic education, a teacher training study, and a study on the development of higher education. I also conduct researches on the internationalization of higher education in Asian countries. Through these researches, I have been exploring roles of education for creating more democratic society and examining how education needs to be considered as public good.

  • Memory in the Mekong : Regional Identity, Schools, and Politics in Southeast Asia (co-editor,Teachers College Press, 2022)
  • Education in Japan : A Comprehensive Analysis of Education Reforms and Practices (co-editor, Springer, 2019)