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Division of Curriculum Development
Graduate School of Education


  • Present Posts

Special Advisor to the President, THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO
Board Member, Board of Education, TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT
Council Member, The World Education Research Association
Executive Board Member, The Japanese Educational Research Association
Board Member, The Japan Comparative Education Society
Executive Board Member, The Japan Society for International Development
Board Member, The Yanai Family Foundation
Board Member, The Morinaga Angel Foundation


  • Education

Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Education, June 2000
Specialized in Comparative Education
Emphasis in Educational Policy in Developing Countries, particularly in South Asia, and Higher Education in Bangladesh
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Master of Arts in Education, June 1997
Specialized in Comparative Education
Department of Letters
Bachelor of Arts in Education, March 1996
Specialized in Education


  • Professional Experiences

2024-present THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
Special Advisor to the President
2022-2024 THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
Director, Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research (CASEER), Graduate School of Education
2021-present THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
Professor, Division of Curriculum Development, Graduate School of Education
Board Member, Board of Education
2015-present SCIENCE COUNCIL OF JAPAN (Tokyo, Japan)
Associate Member (Terms: 23rd-26th)
Expert Member, Division of Early Childhood Education
Visiting Fellow, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability
2014-present ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Special Advisor to the Rector (appointed by Minister of Education, Youth and Sport)
Expert Member, Division of Safety Education
2013-2021 THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
Associate Professor, Division of Curriculum Development, Graduate School of Education
2013-present THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science
Advisor for Research Project on Higher Education in Southeast Asia
Committee Member for the Early Childhood Care and Development Support
2011-2012 NAGOYA UNIVERSITY (Nagoya, Japan)
Visiting Professor, International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education
2010-2011 SOPHIA UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan)
Assistant to Director, International Liaison Office
Committee Member for the External Evaluation of the Training Programs
2010-2013 SOPHIA UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan)
Associate Professor, Department of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences
2010-2011 NAGOYA UNIVERSITY (Nagoya, Japan)
Visiting Researcher, Graduate School of International Development
Member of the Steering Committee, Education for Sustainable Development in Africa
Fulbright Scholar, Master of Education Program
2007-2010 HIROSHIMA UNIVERSITY (Hiroshima, Japan)
Fulbright Scholar, Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education
2006-2010 THE RELIEF INTERNATIONAL JAPAN (NGO) (Yokohama, Japan)
Member of the Board of Trustees
2006-2011 ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Member of the Academic Advisory Board, Master of Education Program
2006-2011 ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
Visiting Lecturer, Master of Development Studies Program
Advisor for Evaluation of Educational Assistance Program
2006-2008 UNIVERSITY OF DHAKA (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Visiting Professor (funded by the Japan Foundation), Japan Study Center
2003-2010 NAGOYA UNIVERSITY (Nagoya, Japan)
Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Development
Assistant Program Specialist, Dakar Follow-up Unit, Education Sector
1993-1998 SANTI BANGLADESH (NGO) (Kanagawa, Japan)
Assistant Secretary-General (Term: 1995-1998)
  • Part-time Lecturing at Other Universities

2018-2019 KEIO UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan) Graduate School of Human Relations
2014-present TSUKUBA UNIVERSITY (Tsukuba, Japan) College of International Studies
2013-present SOPHIA UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan) Faculty of Letters
2012-2013 THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan) Faculty of Education
2011-present WASEDA UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan) Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies
2011-2018 J. F. OBERLIN UNIVERSITY (Tokyo, Japan) Graduate School of Higher Education Administration
2010 KOBE UNIVERSITY (Kobe, Japan) Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies
2009 TOHOKU UNIVERSITY (Sendai, Japan) Graduate School of Education
2007-2008 KINJYO-GAKUIN UNIVERSITY (Nagoya, Japan) Graduate School of Social Sciences
2006-2007 THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO (Tokyo, Japan) Graduate School of Education
2004-2005 KINJYO-GAKUIN UNIVERSITY (Nagoya, Japan) Graduate School of Social Science
1999-2000 KANTO-GAKUIN UNIVERSITY (Kanagawa, Japan) Department of Economics



  • Authored/Edited Books

2022 Japan’s International Cooperation in Education: History and Prospects (co-edited with Nobuko Kayashima and Kazuo Kuroda). Singapore: Springer.
2022 Memory in the Mekong: Regional Identity, Schools, and Politics in Southeast Asia (co-edited with Will Brehm). NY: Teachers College Press.
2020 Public Policy Innovation for Human Capital Development (co-edited with Will Brehm). Tokyo: Asian Productivity Organization.
2020 ESD and Social Resilience in the Era of SDGs (co-edited with Masahisa Sato and Shunsuke Managi). Tokyo: Tsukuba Shobo. (in Japanese)
2019 Education in Japan: A Comprehensive Analysis of Education Reforms and Practices (co-edited with Toshiyuki Omomo and Masaaki Katsuno). Singapore: Springer.
2019 Education in the Era of SDGs: Providing Opportunities of Quality Learning for All (co-edited with Masahisa Sato and Manabu Sato). Tokyo: Gakubunsha. (in Japanese)
2018 Japanese Education in a Global Age: Sociological Reflections and Future Directions (co-edited with Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Beverly Yamamoto and Tomoko Tokunaga). Singapore: Springer.
2016 Education: Fostering Global Citizens (Edited volume). Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten. (in Japanese)
2016 Education: Redefining Education (co-authored with Manabu Sato, Kiyomi Akita, Kokichi Shimizu and Shigeo Kodama). Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten. (in Japanese)
2015 The Political Economy of Schooling in Cambodia (co-edited with D. Brent Edwards Jr., Chhinh Sitha and James H. Williams). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
2015 The Scope of International Educational Development Studies. Tokyo: Toshindo. (in Japanese)
2014 Emerging International Dimensions in East Asian Higher Education (co-edited with Akiyoshi Yonezawa, Arthur Meerman and Kazuo Kuroda). Dordrecht: Springer.
2012 Internationalization of Asian Universities: Fostering Human Resources for the Global Community (co-edited with Miki Sugimura). Tokyo: Sophia University Press. (in Japanese)
2009 The Political Economy of Educational Reforms and Capacity Development in Southeast Asia: Cases of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam(co-edited with Yasushi Hirosato). Dordrecht: Springer.
2009 Mapping the Academic Achievement of Students across the World (co-edited with Manabu Sato and Yukiko Sawano). Tokyo: Akashi Shoten. (in Japanese)
2008 Rethinking International Educational Development: Towards Education for All in Developing Countries (co-edited with Keiichi Ogawa and Mikiko Nishimura). Tokyo: Toshindo. (in Japanese)
2008 Basic Education Support in Developing Countries: International Approach and Practice (co-edited with Yasushi Hirosato). Tokyo: Gakubunsha. (in Japanese)
  • Journal Articles / Book Chapters

2023 “The influence of the whole school approach on implementing education for sustainable development in Japan” (co-authored with Orie Sasaki and Aki Yonehara), Prospects, (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11125-023-09667-4).
2023 “Current Status of Climate Change Education and Suggestions for Its Integrative Development in Japan” (co-authored with Masahisa Sato), IATSS Research, Vol.47, Issue 2, pp.263-269.
2022 “Building an ‘Ecosystem’ for Transforming Higher Education Teaching and Learning for Sustainability” (co-authored with Jing Liu and Tamara Savelyeva), Asia Pacific Education Review, Vol.23, Issue 4, pp.539-542.
2021 “Measuring What Matters? Mapping Higher Education Internationalization in the Asia-Pacific” (co-authored with James H. Williams and Will Brehm), International Journal of Comparative Education and Development, Vol.23, Issue 2, pp.65-80.
2020 “A Comparative Study of Curriculums for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Sweden and Japan” (co-authored with Ulf Fredriksson, Kanako N. Kusanagi, Petros Gougoulakis and Yaka Matsuda), Sustainability. Vol.12, No.3, pp.1-16.
2020 “Current Status and Challenges of University Professorship in Cambodia” (co-authored with Naoki Umemiya and Aki Osawa), in Arimoto, A. (ed.). International Comparison of University Professorship: World, Asia, and Japan. Tokyo: Toshindo, pp.181-194. (in Japanese)
2019 “International Cooperation in Education Provided by International Organizations: Seeking Effective and Efficient Collaboration” (co-authored with Naoko Arakawa), in Kayashima, N. and Kuroda, K. (eds.). Japan’s International Cooperation in Education: History and Prospect. Tokyo: The University of Tokyo Press, pp.273-306. (in Japanese)
2019 “International Debates over Academic Ability: Focusing on Initiatives Promoted by International Organizations” in Research Project on Educational Governance (Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo). (ed.). Educational Reforms in the Age of Globalization: Quality Assurance and Governance of Education. Tokyo: The University of Tokyo Press, pp.19-31. (in Japanese)
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2019 “Academic Presentation with English Language,” in Yamanouchi, K.(es.). Research Skills in Comparative Education. Tokyo: Toshindo, pp.68-80. (in Japanese)
2018 “Traffic Problems in Southeast Asia featuring the Case of Cambodia’s Traffic Accidents Involving Motorcycles” (co-authored with Makiko Hayashi and Eriko Yagi), IATSS Research. Vol.42, pp.163-170.
2018 “Internationalization of Higher Education and Student Mobility in Japan and Asia” (Background paper prepared for the 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report) (co-authored with Kazuo Kuroda, Miki Sugimura and Sarah Asada) UNESCO and JICA Research Institute, 57p.
2018 “Organizational Legitimacy in the Global Education Policy Field: Learning from UNESCO and the Global Monitoring Report” (co-authored with D. Brent Edwards Jr., Taeko Okitsu and Romina Dacosta), Comparative Education Review. Vol.62, No.1, pp.31-63.
2018 “Post-Fukushima Radiation Education for Japanese High School Students in Affected Areas and Its Positive Effects on Their Radiation Literacy” (co-authored with Masaharu Tsubokura and Megumi Yoshida), Journal of Radiation Research. Vol.59, Issue 2, pp.65-74.
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