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Research Group for Global Educators Tokkatsu Project

Research Group for Global Educators Tokkatsu Project ( In Japanese )

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (MEXT)

National Research Association of Special Activities (Zenkoku Tokubetsu Katsudo Kenkyukai )

Tokubetsu Katsudo “Association for Hope” (Tokubetsu Katsudo “Kibo no Kai”)

Japan Association for the Study of Extraclass Activities (official name) (Nihon Tokubetsu Katsudo Gakkai)

The Japanese School Event Research Group for Elementary School  (Zenkoku Shogakko Gakko Gyoji Kenkyukai)

National Research Association for Morals and Special Activities (Zenkoku Dotoku Tokubetsu Katsudo Kenkyukai)

Lesson Study Group at Mills College

(Note) English translation for organizations are tentative, and were translated by the writers of this homepage (as of June 2012), with the exception of those written as the (official name).