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The Faculty of Education was founded in 1949, after having existed Department of Education in the Faculty of Literature since 1919. It was one of the two newly founded faculties of the University of Tokyo in the Occupation Period--- the other one was the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
 After World War II, Japanese educational systems were totally reorganized. Recognizing the necessity of developing researchers in educational sciences at national universities, the University President and some researchers in the educational sciences got together to found the new Faculty of Education. In the same year, five other major national universities, Kyoto, Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Nagoya, founded Faculties of Education.
 The Graduate School adjunct to the Faculty was founded in 1953, and has awarded more than 120 doctorates since 1960. The number of the graduate students has often been equal to that of the undergraduates.
 To improve the function of the Graduate School, the programs and organizations were reorganized in 1995 into six courses: History and Philosophy of Education, Social Sciences in Education, Educational Psychology, Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments, Lifelong Educational Planning, and Exercise, Sports, and Health Sciences. Since then the faculty members have formally belonged to the Graduate School of Education.
 Our faculty members have worked closely with the Secondary Education School adjunct to the Graduate School in Nakano, Tokyo. These attached schools have received a reputation for their innovative experiments such as twin studies and the development of a six year curriculum. In 1997 newly institute, the Center for Clinical Research on School Development, was attached which has provided an interdisciplinary and cooperative research field to the faculty, graduate students and other researchers both inside and outside the School.
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