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Ever since my first visit to Japan I have been fascinated by the Japanese culture, by both it's historical and the contemporary aspects. The most astonishing for me was always, how sublime is the fabric of the Japanese culture.

From the gentle nature of the interaction within the Japanese society, through the way of life interwoven with the ways of nature, to the dynamics of beauty incorporated into the products of the society (such as that expressed in the ultramodern technology of the Shinkansen, elaborate engineering structures such as the Rainbow bridge, harmonious architecture of the Yokohama's Minato Mirai 21).

The meticulous network of interactions capable of such a span of dynamics is a product of the self-organisation of the Japanese society, in so many ways unique among the cultures of the world.

Throughout my stay in Japan, I have been contributing to the Japanese science, keeping up with the pace with the Western development in the physics of complex systems. It was and remains my intention firmly to establish Japan as the leading country in the field of complex systems, ubiquitous in nature, and extensively studied worldwide.

In the coming years, I am planning to put my widespread expertise into studying the unique aspects of the Japanese culture in a rigorous manner of exact science. Obviously, I am not the first person to be fascinated by the Japanese way of life. I may however be the first one to approach the hard to measure aspects of the Japanese culture in a rigorous manner, customary for exact sciences such as the fields of physics, biology, neuroscience, yet, to date not much applied in the area of art, sociology and psychology. With my small contribution, Japan may be a pioneer of this novel direction of science.

Among my recent activities are the highly visible Research Topics in the open Frontiers Journals series. These topics are open for submissions to all interested researchers. To date, I opened four such Research Topics:

  1. Bullet  “Is life a globally critical phenomenon? And if so, why?”

  2. Bullet “Measures of heart rate complexity"

  3. Bullet “Do we need neuroscience of creativity?”

  4. Bullet “Critical Phenomena in Complex Systems”

You are most welcome to contribute to any of these topics.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1, N.I.V.

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