Curriculum Vitae of Osamu Kanamori

Update in 2013

Osamu Kanamori
date of birth: 4 August 1954

History of Biologico-Medical Sciences
Bioethics, and the History of American Bioethics
Contemporary Science Studies
French Epistemology

Actual Themes
"History of american bioethics"
"Cultural politics of medical history and medical concepts"
"French epistemology on medicine"
"Analysis of some rationalist thinkers in Japanese 20th century"

Professional address
Professor, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Education
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan
tel & fax: +81-3-5841-3963

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Studies and professions
1967-70 Keimei Middle School at Sapporo
1970-73 Minami High School at Sapporo
1973 The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, First Cycle
1975 The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Second Cycle
1976-77 Fellow of Sankei Journal Corp. Stay in Paris
1978 The University of Tokyo, Master Course, Section of Comparative Literature and Culture
1980 The University of Tokyo, Doctor Course, Section of Comparative Literature and Culture
1981-84 Boursier of French Government. Stay in Paris
1987-Sep. 91 Lecturer of University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Comparative Culture
Oct.1991-April 97 Associate Professor of University of Tsukuba
April 1997- Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Fisheries
April 2000- Professor, Tokyo University of Fisheries
April 2001- Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
May 2002- Professor, The University of Tokyo

Doctor of the third cycle in History of contemporary philosophy, University of Paris 1:
"Etude sur l'epistemologie de Gaston Bachelard", presented in october 1984, accepted in january 1985, under the direction of Jean-Toussaint Desanti.

Major Works


1) A Genealogy of French Epistemology, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 1994.iPrize Shibusawa-Claudel in 1995j

2) Bachelard, Tokyo, Kodansha,1996 (translated in Chinese in 2002).

3) Science Wars, Tokyo, Tokyo University Press, 2000. (Prize Yamazaki and Prize Suntory in 2000)

4) Contemporary Science Studies, Tokyo, Shin'yosha, 2000, with Hiroyuki Iyama.

5) In a Genetically Enhanced Society, What Would You Do?, Tokyo, Yosensha, 2001, with Kiyohiko Ikeda.

6) Science Studies in Front, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2002, as Editor and author with Hideto Nakajima.

7) Archaeology of Negative Knowledge, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2003.

8) Bergson, Tokyo, NHK Shuppan, 2003.

9) Naturalism and Its Discontents, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2004.

10) Archeologie de la Pensee Scientifique, Kyoto, Jinbunshoin, 2004.

11) Philosophy of Genetic Modification, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2005.

12) History of Typhoid Mary, Tokyo, Chikumashobo, 2006.

13) L'Epistemologie Francaise et son Actualite, Tokyo, Keiogijukudaigakushuppankai, 2008, as Editor and author.

14) Philosophie de la Biopolitique, Kyoto, Minervashobo, 2010.

15) Essais d'Histoire de la Pensee Scientifique, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2010, as Editor and author.

16) Une Theorie Vitale de Golem, Tokyo, Heibonsha, 2010.

17) Essais d'Histoire de la Pensee Scientifique au Japon Moderne, Tokyo, Keisoshobo, 2011, as Editor and author.

18) Y a-t-il des Ames des Betes?, Tokyo, CHuokoronsha, 2012.

19) Archeology of Rationality, Tokyo, Tokyodaigakushuppankai, 2012, as Editor and author.

20) Epistemologie, Tokyo, Keiogijukudaigakushuppankai, 2013, as Editor and author.

21) The Crisis of Science, Shueisha, 2015.

22) The Politics of knowledge, Serikashobo, 2015.

23) Philosophical Essays on the History of Scientific Thought, Iwanamishoten, 2015.

Articles in French or in English

1) "Une philosophie de l'approximation",
Studien zur Naturphilosophie
, no.8, oct.1994, pp.1-17.
2) "Une epistemologie de l'instrument chez G.Bachelard",
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Studies in Languages and Cultures
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